Leader in Ship Operation and Charter

Customers wishing to outsource their fleet operation or charter to a reliable and experienced source can rely on MR Charter.

The MR Charter (PT. Marina Rindang Perkasa) division of MR Group provides comprehensive ship operations as well charter services to accommodate the wide variety of our customers’ needs.

The excellent quality of our ship management operations is reflected by an superb track record and solid customer return business. Vessels are operated in line with international best business practices and crewed by expert personnel, in compliance with applicable rules and regulations including possession of necessary documentation and licenses before sailing. In addition, safety procedures are applied to handling and crew receive thorough safety training in all relevant aspects.

With regard to our charter business, we have a large fleet of self-owned tugs, supply vessels,barges, landing craft and passenger craft of different sizes that are available for hire. Alternately, our network and reputation allows us to source specialized vessels as needed by customers. Both ship charter and management services are supported by MR Group’s extensive dockyard repair facilities and capabilities. Lastly, assets under management are always properly insured against losses or damage.