Leader in Ship Maintenance and Repair

Based on more than two decades of experience as a builder and designer of marine vessels, we know what must be done to optimally repair vessels. Together, our advantageous labor cost and excellent record have combined to make us the dockyard of choice for customers sailing through Indonesian territory.

All activities take place at our fully outfitted 8-hectare base in Kalimantan, Indonesia, upstream the major Mahakam River waterway in Kalimantan, Indonesia. At this comprehensive dockyard, vessels are restored to optimum performance by expert workmen. Experienced technicians with safety training, including specialized welding crews certified by international class societies are on standby to accommodate both planned and emergency repairs.

The dockyard is equipped with a 130x30 meter dry dock with a depth of 5 meters, a large covered work area containing workshops, fabrication shops, machine shops, self-owned large cranes, and a warehouse for components to minimize downtime. As such, MR Dockyard is well equipped to perform routine maintenance as well as ad hoc and emergency repairs, including all major grounding repairs, collision repairs, conversions and major mechanical works.