Muji Rahayu Group (MR group) is An Indonesia-Based Company Established In 2011 That Specializes In Integrated Ship Construction And Management Solutions For Clients.

Building Partnership

At our fully outfitted 8-hectare base in Kalimantan, Indonesia, we design, build, operate, and repair ships to rigorous international standards using sophisticated technology wielded by experienced workmanship.

Vessels built and operated by MR Group have sailed around all corners of the globe including Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the USA. Closer to home, MR Group’s proven technical abilities, advantageous competitive labour cost and excellent HSE record stand us in good stead with both domestic and international customers as the preferred ship builder, dockyard and charter operator in Indonesian territory.

Enhancing our reputation as a one-stop shop solution for ship-related needs, our ability to manage projects and communicate from the very start ensures that clients’ requirements are fulfilled on time. With these values, it is no surprise that our customers tend to have long-lasting relationships with us, entrusting all their needs to MR Group as we build partnerships and anchor our clients’ businesses for mutual success.