MR Group has established a well-deserved reputation for high quality design and construction of marine vessels through our ship building unit, PT Muji Rahayu Shipyard (MR Shipyard).

Our ship design and building abilities have been honed for nearly 15 years since initial establishment. Over time, MR Shipyard gradually took on projects of increasing variability and complexity.

Today, MR Shipyard regularly handles a wide range of regional as well as international vessels. MR Shipyard handles complex vessels such as barges, landing crafts, tug boats, passenger crafts such as ferries, crew boats from 20m to over 100m in length. Our ships, which are carefully crafted to international specifications by skilled engineers, are built to withstand the rigors of months at sea.

Ship built and managed by MR Group operate daily in Domestic and International waters.
Designing and Building Ships For Lasting Performace Since 1999
Responsive Project Management
Quality is achieved by managing the whole process from the design process to laying the keel, construction, finishing and launching of a marine craft. MR Shipyard provides expert guidance to our customers for a fast and predictable process. This includes input on structure, shape, and weight capacity to interior, material and finishing.

Realizing that our work ties into customers’ larger business plans, we also make it a point to pro-actively communicate with customers to ensure that scheduling and costs remain on target, and to ensure that the final product is exactly what the customer has in mind.

Thanks to our capabilities, MR Group has become the shipbuilder of choice for many customers in Indonesian waters and surrounding regions.