Building The Future

As part of the marine industry, our set goal is to support and fulfill the needs of aritime industrial growth.

MR Group is proud to be recognized as one of the leaders in the marine engineering, construction, and ship operations industry. Our capabilities and track record put us on par to compete with other regional providers in terms of service qualities and excellence.

We build our business in partnership with our growing client base. It is our goal to grow Muji Rahayu Group activities to become the industry leader in our region. Delivering extensive experience and leveraging an extensive knowledge base, we continue to hone our abilities keep current with international best business practices towards supporting our fast and accelerating growth.

In delivering comprehensive solutions for ship design, engineering, construction, maintenance and repairs, operations and charter, it is our intention to offer our customers one-stop shop, volutionary solutions that will enable them to sail forth in full confidence, knowing that MR Group is behind them.